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Make sure your brain has enough nutrients for daily mental stress

The brain is the most perfect organ in our body, composed of more than 100 billion nerve cells that receive and respond to information from the environment. The brain controls and coordinates the entire body, allowing movement, sensation, smell, taste, hearing, vision, awareness and thinking. Without our awareness, the brain regulates the secretion of hormones, enzymes, metabolic processes, heart function, breathing and other vital functions. 

Brain utilization and memory

The more we use them, the more active they are. The brain is constantly accumulating knowledge and skills. More knowledge acquired means more mental tools to successfully solve problems and face daily challenges, regardless of age. Several brain areas are involved in memory formation. Whatever we perceive and learn, it is stored in our memory cells. The brain stores different information about one event in different parts of memory. When an event is recalled, electrical stimuli from the individual parts of the brain connect the stored memory fragments to a meaningful whole.

How we can strengthen our brain capacity and make sure they are in good shape even in old age

The brain represents only 2% of body weight, consuming as much as 20% of all nutrients consumed by food and drink. Proper nutrients thus have a decisive effect on brain function, memory, learning, concentration and mental capacity in old age.

Beneficial effects on the brain:
• physical activity
• rest and sleep
• consumption of foods high in polyphenols, vitamins and minerals

Harmful effects on the brain:
• long-term stress
• alcohol consumption
• smoking
• overweight

Did you know that as our body ages, so does our brain. Research shows that the slow decline in mental - cognitive abilities begins after the age of 45. But we know that everything is not worse. In principle, the speed of information processing has been declining over the years. Active and long-term memory is impaired, and our general knowledge, experience and vocabulary are improving.

belinal brain - silver fir - increased concentration - focus - mental capacity - improved cognitive function

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Belinal® brain

The food supplement Belinal® brain was developed on the basis of a scientific study of the influence of the Silver Fir Branch extract Belinal® and the ginkgo extract on the human cerebral arteries. It was performed at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana. It contains patented Silver Fir Branch extract Belinal®, ginkgo extract, bacopa extract, iodine, zinc, niacin and pantothenic acid.

It is recommended that you take Belinal® brain:
• To increase concentration in learning.
• To increase awareness in performing mind-boggling work.
• To enhance and preserve memory functions over 3 lifetimes.

Belinal® brain - a professionally designed formula of natural extracts, vitamins and minerals, ensures that the brain receives adequate nutrients, speeds up microcirculation and improves memory functions

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